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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Amazing news!!

Всем Привет!!!
Хочу поделиться с вами замечательной новостью: мою открытку выбрали в January Spotlight Winners на Penny Black and More..Challenge Blog WoooHooo!!!! Спасибо Огромное!!!

Меня попросили рассказать что-нибудь о себе на 100-150 слов... Мне было не остановиться )) lol  Вот моя история:

***Hello Everyone!! My name is Natali. I am from Russia ( I no really good with English why sometimes you can see my SME (Sorry my English) in your blogs comments )) lol) After I met my husband I moved to his country- Malaysia (Summer paradise ))) lol) And stay here 7 years with my hubby and two little angels (angels-when they sleeping )) lol)
(my angels)
I started my crafting journey long time ago.. Knitting, Crochet, Cross-Stitch (it was my first big love )))
and 6 years ago when I was mummy-to-be I met new friends at some “new mummies” forum” and they invited me for some challenge: “make cards and send to birthday girls from team” It was fantastic..  I didn’t have that time any stash for card making (here in Malaysia it was no popular that time) but had BIG wishes to do that. )) 
(my first ever handmade card. CASE from somebody.)
  In 2009 my husband presented me Big Shot and I “open my wings” ))) lol Only in 2011 I decided to open my blog and share my projects with everyone (was not sure and scare before )) lol) I am so happy I did it finally because I met here so many fantastic people which inspire and support me. Thank you so much each and everyone. Thank you Brenda and  Design Team of “Penny Black and More” Challenge Blog who voted for my card.  It was absolutely amazing news I was chosen to “spotlight” here.  I wish everyone all the best!! Enjoy your crafting and have fun!!!***
(all photos show only on blog no challenge blog)
(Sorry my English)
Всех ЛЮ,


Abi said...

Oh my gosh Nat, you have the cutest children!! They look angelic to me! What a lovely post, nice to see your earlier projects & read the story of how you started crafting.

Congratulations on being spotlighted at Penny Black & More, you deserve it!!

Also I think your English is fabulous! Hugs xx

Linda w said...

Congratulations Nat. Lovely to see a few sample of The things you've made, including those perfectly adorable children. I do a lot of crochet myself, though mostly just bits I can use on cards these days. Hugs lin

Tracy said...

Hi Natali! it was nice to get a little glimpse into your life. :-) Your kids look like angels even when they're not sleeping. LOL Love your crochet projects. My daughter is much better at that than me and she would absolutely love the baby shoes since she's been making a lot of those lately. I'll have to show her. :-)
Congrats on your spotlight at PB! Hugs!

Tracey T said...

If I could speak Russian like you speak English Natali..! And such adorable kids! What a lovely post. xx

brenda said...
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brenda said...

Hello Natalie

Thank you so much for sharing a little about yourself with us In the Spotlight at Penny Black and More.

Your work is indeed an inspiration and we were thrilled to share on our challenge blog.

B x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being spotlighted on Penny Black and More! I'm Stephinka from Singapore and was surprised to see you are Russian and in Malaysia)) I'm not Russian but I love the language..))) удачи!

Dora said...

O wow congrats Natali on being spotlighted at Penny Black and More and thank you for sharing this sweet post .. your angels are so cute :D and your English I think is perfect xxx

walchowDesign said...

Congrats on being the spotlight over PB and more! So funny that we both have been selected as the spotlight and we share another common thing "Malaysia"!

Izzwizz said...

Congratulations! Your children are so lovely, you must be very proud. My goodness, your crochet is wonderful!! Such tiny stitches, I've never been able to produce work like that. Fab post, I really enjoyed reading about you. Love maddy x