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Monday, 12 August 2013

My table with Jewellery on Bazaar

Hello Everyone!!
Happy to see new followers!! Thank you and Welcome!!!
   No cards (or any paper craft projects) for today But I happy to say: "I am Back!!!" (almost )) lol) 
Ramadan (fasting month for Muslim) finish, first days celebrations of it finish too.. 2 weekends of craft bazaars are done.. Now I am packing boxes for moving another place we rent near with my kids school.. And in September I shall be back for sure and continue enjoy my crafting and share photo of it with you!!
Here are some photo I would like to show you today from my bazaar table I have had at 27/28 July and 4th Aug. I hope you like it!!

Happy crafting!!
Have a nice day!!

(Sorry my English)

Всех ЛЮ,

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