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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New Arrival to Iva Nova Chest (Charms For Man, Charms Food/Drink/Dishes)

Hello everyone,
I would like to inform you that new products to category "Charms/Pendants" have arrived to Iva Nova Chest
Charm Tea Pot #4. Size: 14 x 15 mm. Antique Bronze Plated. (3D)

Charm Strawberry. Size: 15 x 20 mm. Antique Bronze Plated.

 Charm Tool: Adjustable Spanner. Size: 24 x 7 mm. Antique Silver Plated.

 Charm Tool: Saw. Size: 23 x 9 mm. Antique Silver Plated. (3D)

Charm Pistol: Saw. Size: 22 x 12 mm. Antique Silver Plated. (3D)
Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Crafting!!
Всех ЛЮ,

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