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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Special Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Today I come to you with something special... One of my crafty friend Dawn has open challenge one month long. It is not just challenge but special charity challenge. Her mother was diagnoses with Brest Cancer.. O my.. It is so hard when a love one has cancer.. I know this because it was happen with my mum 8 years ago.. Now my mum is 72 yers old and I am so happy that difficult time I can support and help her. And I think Dawn doing amazing job with this challenge to support her mother and help other woman from Breakthrough Breast Cancer .

You can join challenge with "Pink" card or projects, or can donate some money. Every £1 or $1 counts.

And I so happy to tell you that my  "Iva Nova Chest" on-line shop one of amazing sponsors of this challenge with prize of  "Pink Goody Bag"

For more info check please Dawn`s blog:,
Her story on  Just Giving Page., Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Every Tuesday new updates. Challenge going till 29th September 2012.
Thank you for stopping by.

Всех ЛЮ,

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