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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Russian wedding in Malaysia

Hello Everyone!
On Russian wedding I was not a guest.. I was invited like MC... Yes, Master of Ceremony ))) I never did it for weddings.. and never for money ))) Just couple times I did party for Russian people who live in Malaysia for New Year and ones for Women Day.. And it was challenge for me ))) I was scared..
What did I do for it?! 
At first, I wrapped some presents for guest. (presents was provided from parents)
It was a lot of preparation for "wedding day" program. On my camera I made only pictures of medals I created for Groom and Bride, and Mothers and Fathers on low for "dinner program".
How it was?!
First part starts 11 o`clock: Groom come to Bride house. (Celebration was at hotel near with beach). He has some competitions and each one make him one step close to bride`s room... If he fault task he (and his relatives who join him) have to pay. It can be money, sweets, champagne, dance.. what ever bride`s side wish... Usual 5-7 steps.. Not difficult and a lot of fun. Especially for bride`s guest  I guess ))) lol
For example one of challenges: 7 lips prints on 7 piece of paper. Groom have to find which lips print bride left. (it write on back side paper).. Chose one. Wrong?! Pay!!! Chose another one... till he find it.. Than next challenge..
About 30-40 minutes it is done. Happy Groom and Bride, parents and all guest drink champagne. All guests  go for Registration. Mother and Father of bride stay with couple a bit longer for pray and warm wishes in new life, than join everybody for registration. Groom and bride come 1-2 min late.
Registration starts 12.12.12. at noon 12 min (!!). Very important moment but my "work" was minimum there. 
It was absolutely beautiful sea view and sunny day.. Amazing decorations on green and pink colours. And for sure gorgeous Bride and Groom!
After official ceremony was a lot of  photo shoots and yummy "fingers' food with champagne (local people was surprise: How?! Champagne in morning?! ))) he he..) After that groom and bride and some guest were to Melacca (beautiful historical center of Malaysia) for short trip.
After all guest left I and my friend Samira (she help me general with music part and lots of other things) had a first rest time and make some photos.
  .... Than was Dinner... My general job.. Woooohhhh.... Never any event come from start to finish by "clear writing" program.. and good I have had experience of it and was not surprise when we had to change program .. even something totally cut out ..  
 I thing it was AWESOME wedding. Parents made everything the best for their kids. Like usual parents do ))) 
 Most important Groom and Bride was happy and tell me "Thank you" for my job and parents of bride, who invite me to be MC also was happy. Master of Ceremony?! Noooo... no Master yet... but one day I shall be!!! )))) lol

And this bunch of beautiful roses I took home )))
(Sorry my English)

Всех ЛЮ,

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Kim said...

Those gift boxes look absolutely fabulous! Love the colors.